“There is so much work in the design and creation of each piece that it is quite exhilarating when they are finally cleaned up and ready for their new home”

Lauren Trojkovic, Jewellery Designer and Maker

When we first met Lauren we were drawn to the originality of her design aesthetic. The pairing of simplistic sculptural form and subtle embellishment with hints of the unexpected captured our imagination.

Working from her studio in Melbourne and inspired by bold shape and form, each piece of jewellery blends individually carved Corian with accents of hand engraved sterling silver, creating a layered textural contrast.

“My passion is jewellery because of the freedom of expression that it allows me and that I get to work with my hands… Always seeking inspiration, I carry a small sketchbook with me wherever I go so I can take down ideas as they come to me and work on them whenever I get a spare moment”.

Lauren’s innovative use of materials combined with a respect for traditional craftsmanship and a contemporary design mood have become the signature of her work that sits beautifully alongside our AW17 Collection.